NAI Hallmark Partners utilizes cutting edge remote aerial cinematography and photography drones, combined with world-class production, to capture the unique aspects of our client properties. Our aerial production is capable of capturing motion picture quality 35mm 1080P High-Definition gyro stabilized footage and 24 megapixel digital stills. Camera mounts allow 360-degree continuous control of the camera and are gyro stabilized on every axis for precision framing of camera composition. The remote control drones have a range from 2-5 miles beyond visual range. Each drone has 12 inertial sensors, barometer, GPS waypoint navigation, attitude guidance, and digital compass allowing more precision control over the flight characteristics of the aircraft than a full size helicopter. The drone is approximately 7 feet long and therefore presents minimal noise, air disturbance or disruption of the normal environment.  Boasting an altitude range from ground level up to 10,000 feet and max forward flight speed up to 75MPH our aerial offering spares no expenses on the quality of aircraft, electronics, cameras, or lenses. We only fly first class equipment and produce the highest quality video, compressed for use on the web. Drones are piloted by a licensed FAA pilot and a 25-year veteran of remote control aircraft operation. Camera controls are operated by a 40-year veteran aerial camera operator.