By Todd Blake

I find the most satisfying rewards in life come from our deepest and most genuine struggles. At 18, I hardly found a stage-four cancer diagnosis a blessing. Five years later, I realize my illness has brought purpose to my life and set me on a path towards a fulfilling and meaningful contribution to this earth.

Since graduating from the University of Florida in August, I have been incredibly honored to share my story with millions through The Today Show and more recently, Void Magazine. I am sincerely thankful for every new relationship and opportunity that has arisen from talking about overcoming my personal challenges.

As I embark on a new chapter in my life, I am excited for new endeavors and a mission to leave this world a better place than before I started.

I begin an exciting career in commercial real estate with a wonderful employer and endless possibility. I hope to build strong relationships with clients and cultivate impactful real estate opportunities for our community.

I am passionate about philanthropy, pushing onward to share and grow my foundation for young adults with cancer, Live For Today Foundation. I want to encourage and empower young people who are battling cancer to find hope and purpose in their lives.

I seek new ways to share my story and inspire others. I plan to write a book outlining my experiences and the unique perspective on life I have gained in the face of death.

Lastly, I seek to nourish my health and focus on matters of eternal significance – my wife, my family, and my faith.

I do all of this in order to leave behind a legacy. I strive to be a life giving spirit – a man who inspires others to live each day purposefully and gives of himself unto others.