Coen Purvis, SVP at Hallmark Partners, didn’t take the podium at last week’s official groundbreaking for Unity Plaza. But he certainly could enjoy some satisfaction as his leadership and contributions were very much on display in the remarkable progress being made at Jacksonville’s highest profile construction project.

“The 220 Riverside/Unity Plaza project has been one of Hallmark’s most complex undertakings,” said Hallmark Co-founder and Principal Alex Coley. “History will show Coen Purvis was the guy with his hands on the wheel from start to successful finish.”

Follow downtown Jacksonville’s lone tower crane, a commanding sign of a recovering economy and emerging urban center, and you will see Coen’s footprints leading into one of his three offices. The others include one at Hallmark’s Southpoint corporate offices and the other, Purvis’ pick-up truck.

“Coen is a remarkable balance of technician and team player,” said Hallmark Co-founder and Principal Jeff Conn. “Managing the complexity of development partners, designers, contractors and city officials over years of planning and more than $50 million requires a skill set unique to very few.”

A SVP with Hallmark Partners since 2003, Coen previously served as Chief of Comprehensive Planning for the City of Jacksonville, SVP at Baita International and Project Manager with Reynolds Smith and Hills. He earned his BA and Masters in Urban Planning from Florida State University. He’s an active member of ULI, NAIOP, ICSC and several other professional associations.

Coen has been a leader on every Hallmark development project for over a decade and continues to contribute to an extensive pipeline of future projects in Jacksonville.