By Colleen Michele Jones, Reporter | Jacksonville Business Journal

For Davis, a collaborative environment is essential to the company’s culture. Amidst the rows of open work spaces (with desks that allow for both sitting and standing), gaming rooms and community kitchen — fun is a big part of the culture at AP — is what Davis calls an “innovation station,” a circular Star Trek-looking structure with a central module that allows employees to plug their devices into a main port and work together on one large screen through media:scape.

Interior renovation of the space to fit Analytics Partners’ specific needs was overseen by Studio9 Architecture and Perdue, Inc., both Jacksonville companies. Coincidentally, it coincided with AP’s new logo and branding initiative.

Room for growth was key in the redesign. Analytics Partners, which develops and implements data warehouse and business intelligence solutions has been on an incredible upward trajectory since launching 10 years ago and is one of the fastest growing companies in Jacksonville.
“We are growing, we are investing in our facilities and our staff and our future here in the city,” Davis said.

That’s music to Coley’s ears. Hallmark Partners, builders of the adjacent Unity Plaza project, sees Analytics Partners’ move to the neighborhood as not only consistent with the area’s reputation as a technology and financial services corridor (think FNF and EverBank) but as part of its future as well.

“A real grassroots company like Analytics Partners with such a success story is another example of how tech jobs are clustering here in Jacksonville, and that helps the whole economy,” Coley said.

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