Top 4 Amenities Changing the Office Landscape

While one-size-fits-all office spaces have ruled the landscape in the past, the trend is quickly shifting away from this cookie cutter concept and moving toward a different kind of workspace with unique amenities for tenants and employees. These amenities represent a much more flexible and activity-based design approach to the space which can both attract and retain office tenants — an obvious benefit to landlords.

It’s no secret that “location, location, location” applies to commercial real estate as much, if not more than, residential real estate. But a good location simply isn’t enough to keep your tenants happy — office amenities (or the lack thereof, in some cases) can truly make or break the space. Landlords and property manangers are not only taking notice, they’re making the right changes necessary to promote sustainability and profitability within their walls.

Here are the top 4 amenities changing the office landscape.

1. Space for socializing

Buildings and suites with a good amount of unused or undedicated space can have a significant impact on the overall dynamic of the space. By adding in some simple furniture, a wifi connection, some snacks and a coffee machine, you have instantly transformed this unused space into the perfect spot for collaborative working, impromptu meetings, and more.

2. Workspaces with a view

Long gone are the days of staring at walls in a closed up office or coworkers in rows or pods of cubicles. Today’s workers are looking for a desk or a workspace with a view — and for good reason. Studies have reported a direct correlation between an office worker’s exposure to natural daylight and their overall quality of life.

3. Top notch kitchen spaces

Dynamics in the office environment are shifting. With a focus on healthy eating and meal prepping, more and more office employees are choosing to eat lunch in the office, rather than running out for fast food or a sit down lunch. But that doesn’t mean they want to eat cold leftovers at their desk! Our clients and tenants are opting for fully stocked kitchens with plenty of space for common tables, coffee and vending machines, and dishwashers.

4. Smart technology

One of the most attractive features in commercial real estate is smart technology built in throughout the space. Today’s offices boast smartboards, automated AV equipment, and even smart thermostats. By incorporating smart technology into an office space, both landlords and tenants can benefit from cost savings.